• Mission Statement for North Carolina Vaping Council

    The North Carolina Vaping Council (NCVC) is dedicated to protecting the Rights of the vaping industry (brick and mortar shops, e-liquid manufacturers and vaping industry start-ups) and fellow vapers. NCVC strongly believes in securing and protecting open sourced systems, the right of adult smokers to purchase e-liquid via online sales, the use of flavors in e-liquid, and fair state and local tax policies.


  • We Need an Army And a War Chest

    We need funds.  Lobbyists’ are not cheap.  Time is not on our side.  NCVC applied and was accepted by the NCSOS 501(c)4 Non Profit status.  We will be able to fund raise and give contributions for our cause.  Instead of wishing for a better future, we now have the ability to shape our future now.


  • Right2Vape is a political action committee (PAC) registered in North Carolina. We are not big tobacco. We are responsible vape shop owners and consumers that want to see this industry survive and have proper political representation. Our main goal is to ensure that vapers’ rights are protected. Right2Vape will safeguard the interests of vapers and make sure these interests are reflected in the political candidates that we support. We can no longer sit idly by and wish things will get better. Right2Vape ensures that vapers’ voices are heard via political contributions and at the voting booth. Collectively, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.


NCVC State Of The Union 2019

About North Carolina Vaping Council

The North Carolina Vaping Council was established in 2015 by Robert Wagner, Kristyl Wagner (Vapor Market) and Sherwin Mena (Trinity Vapor Lounge) for the sole purpose of actively engaging in public policy, securing the rights of vapers and the vaping industry and policing state and local tax policies.

Plan of Action

NCVC has hired a lobbyist to ensure that vaping rights are protected and the vaping industry has proper political representation in North Carolina.  NCVC has hired New Frame, Inc. www.newframellc.com.  Mr. Jason Joyner, Partner at New Frame, Inc. will assume the role of representing vaping rights in Raleigh, NC.

“If you could take every adult smoker and fully transition them to e-cigarettes, that would have a substantial public health impact”

Dr. Scott Gottleib , Director of the FDA

Become a Member Today!
You can become a member today! Membership is reasonable. Small single shops, $50 monthly. Shops with 1-2 stores, $100 monthly. Shops with 3+ more stores, $200 monthly. This will help us pay for our lobbyist and grow our war chest. You will receive a sticker, poster and informational pamphlet, that you can proudly display. Your customers will see a shop that is fighting for their right to vape. You will be added to our FB messenger group and will be updated with the latest information in State and Federal compliance.

Contact Us

All recurring monthly payments can be made on our website homepage: www.ncvapingcouncil.org.
For any questions or additional information please contact Sherwin Mena at 305-505-8305 or ncvapingcouncil@gmail.com.

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